composition of oil paints

As part of the oil paints are dry pigments and oil - mostly flaxseed and cold squeeze.It is used because it has a beautiful golden color, and has no noticeable smell.For cold and white shades of oil paints take poppy seed oil, which has almost no color, or walnut oil.Pigments of oil paints are transparent and Opaque (glazing and coating).Clear pigments give the layer of paint gloss and depth, while opaque Opaque pigments transmit the light but do not give a sense of depth.

Modern dry pigments are brighter and more stable and less toxic compared to the pigments used in the old days.

transparent pigments are not inclined to lose intensity in the mixing process, while Opaque when mix
ed radically different colors sereyut very quickly.Master of old school traditionally used transparent colors - unlike the impressionists preferred to paint Opaque (except ultramarine).The best part of oil paints is only one part, but the most concentrated pigment.Their mixing is performed to give a transparent layer with Opaque original.

Selecting oil paints

When buying paint be sure to pay attention to the shelf life, the manufacturer and the rules on the use - in this case the information should be submitted in Russian.The more information about the product indicated on the package, the higher the probability of acquisition of real quality and safe oil paint.When selecting products is also important to evaluate its smell - it should not be sharp or repulsive, and paints for children do not have to be odorless.

This type of paint is best to buy in jars - so they can be more economical use, laying the palette required number of paint.

not buy oil paints with poisonous acidic colors as in their manufacture manufacturer could use toxic pigments.In addition, aggressive shades of distorting the aesthetics of the picture and make it unnatural.The main indicator of the quality of oil paints is the uniformity of color pigment.Also, good paint is easily applied to the surface and is easily spread by brush.It is not necessary to buy even a little dry ink - they will be left on the surface of a large number of grains of sand.