How to draw a soccer ball

first step is to draw a perfect circle or circle.This can be done both by means of a compass, and auxiliary items.For example, you can cut around the circle using the circular cans of coffee.You can also tie a string to a pencil, for which you will need to attach the tip of the needle thread or a button to the sheet, pull and hold the curved line, thread turning around its own axis.

next step will be a bit more difficult and will require you to dexterity.You will need to find the center o
f the circle and draw it in a regular pentagon.It's worth noting that football is usually composed of black and white (or other colors) of the same section.So the size of this section shall not exceed 1 \ 8 of the size of the circle.Next, draw a geometric figure, you can with the help of a ruler.Then for more accurate builds you will need a protractor.

Now you need to draw adjacent to the first section.What is measured from each side of the angle of 135 degrees and mark the point on the sheet.Draw a line from corner to this point.Once all lines are drawn from five angles, it is necessary to measure them on the segments of the same length as the side of a pentagon.

Now you got three new sections of the future side of the ball.They must be hexagonal, simply do so on mirroring of available parts.As a result of these actions, we get six sections.They are continuing to plot these hexagons until until upremsya in the border of the circle.

final touches

can only improve with the help of an eraser line went beyond the circle.Next, paint the ball.To this end, the central pentagon shade in black or any other of your choice, and the surrounding sections of leave without changing white.In the third row of hexagons must alternate in color.


your drawing is ready.That image can not only beautify the school wall newspaper, and poster for a holiday or just any image.At the same time this action you can teach your child the basics of drawing in a simple and accessible way.In addition, it will be able to boast to your friends or other parents who may not know how to draw a soccer ball carefully and correctly.