you need
  • test paper, brushes.
When choosing acrylic paints should pay attention to several criteria: first, the quality of the paint (you can check with the purchase), and secondly, brightness and richness of the palette.Acrylic can be sold sets or individual tube.The first option is more suitable for emerging artists and as a variant of the gift.The second took shape is ideal for artists who know the peculiarities of his color palette.
size tubes is also essential.If an artist paints a fairly frequent and abundant, using a lot of ink, you can take large tubes or jars.If passion is drawing sporadic, you can do the small size of capacity.For prolonged storage without the use of acrylic paints dry up very quickly, so do not buy paint "for the future."
choose acrylic paints are best in specialized art supply stores.The office supply stores is very limited selection of ink and, as a rule, lie down, and large department stores for creativity usually represented fairly simple kits for beginners.In art stores are sold as kits and individual inks, each of the tubes can be opened and checked for freshness.Fresh paint can be a little liquid, lie down have a jelly-like structure and require dilution with water.
choosing a producer, should immediately isolate the factor of price.From Russian acrylic paints are the cheapest "Polikolor."Overall, a very decent, despite the low price, with a good set of basic colors.Paints "Polikolor" gently lay down on canvas and paper, a little harder on the glass and other hard surfaces.Whitewash the brand are considered the best because of its color, fine structure, capable to block any other paint and relative stability.
use popularity of paint "Gamma", but artists complain about a lot of shortcomings on the part of the manufacturer: very fast drying of paints in tubes, storage problems.One of the best manufacturers can be called professional acrylic paint factory "Nevskaya Palitra '.Thick, very bright and juicy.From basic colors can be mixed excellent additional shades.White inferior "Polikolor" but otherwise "Neva palette" is much more resistant and easy to work.Many artists use these colors in the work on his paintings.