left hand panel settings menu find a set of brushes.In this menu, select the desired diameter (size) of the brush and its hardness.Brushes are hard (with clear boundaries trace) and soft (which would have blurred the boundaries of both).You can change these settings by moving the levers and can set their own numerical value.
the right of the size of the brush get small black triangle.He pushes the menu.In this menu, you can choose how to display the brushes in the field.They can be displayed small icons, large icons and names of brushes.Here you can download, select, delete, rename a set of brushes.
Learn how to load the brush in Photoshop.For this there are two ways.
First, download your favorite brush, b
rushes unzip files (extension .abr) to the folder where you store all brushes Photoshop (folder Brushes).The next time you brush will appear in the menu, you will need to select them only.
Second menu brushes in Photoshop, and then click Download (Load brushes), then manually select the path to the desired file brushes.
now learn how to create own brushes.To do this, create a new layer and draw on it the figure, which will then brush.It is better to do it in black on a white background.On the Edit menu to locate - Define Brush.In the window that opens, enter the name of the brush.Now the brush will appear in the set of brushes.
left of the menu, find another icon brush.Here you can select a set of parameters of the instrument.This menu will show the most commonly used brushes.
menu brush locate the levers that can adjust the hardness and opacity.Try changing these settings and see how the results obtained.So you will understand how to work with these parameters.
Now turn the Brush Palette and begin its study.In this menu, you can choose any certain brush and change a great many of its parameters.You can choose the size, the slope in any direction on any number of degrees, it may even reflect.
can set the interval between prints can do so, that a few prints, painted in one motion, will have a different transparency and a different color.Try to change some settings in the menu and see what you get.