Learn the art technology

Note what materials used by the artist, whose style you want to master.Try to get the necessary materials.Many of the old masters are ready to paint.The modern young artists such possibility can not be.But the store to select paint on canvas or paper best suited to the quality of your tasks.It is not always easy, but you can be a blessing in specialized stores range of products is large enough for the artists.

Consider color

Select a picture, the most characteristic of this artist.The first time is best t
o copy the work, not particularly overwrought - if it is possible, of course, because the saturation of small objects can also be a hallmark of the style.How should consider the web.Pay attention to the colors - how many of them mixed or artist uses only pure natural tones as transmitted light and shade (different shades of the same color or other colors), like any painter he prefers light or dark shades.Try to determine as accurately as possible colors.For example, the Impressionists preferred pastels, primitivists prefer bright vibrant colors, etc.

Determine proportion

Rate proportions.Whether the artist depicts the objects in their real proportions or something exaggerate, but something is missing in general?He observes the laws of perspective?How to look at a picture of human figures - seen whether a person or an artist transmits only plastic, equally well whether the parts are traced figures or artist something stresses, and even exaggerates, and the rest of the body for it did not seem to matter.

Note strokes and strokes

Regardless of what materials the artist preferred to try to begin to imitate his style of pencil on paper.Let it be just an outline, but try as much as possible to accurately convey the proportions of the picture and emphasize the same parts as the artist.Adjust the picture so long until you get something close to the original.After that, prepare material that is preferred to the original author.This can be primed canvas, gesso, velvet paper, a paper, etc.Transfer the sketch and try to write the copy colors.Pay careful attention to the smears - their length and width, the density and direction.Try to copy them as accurately as possible.After making several copies, draw something in the style of the artist's self, observing all the features of the style that you have already mastered for copying.