you need
  • - sketch pad or clean sheet;
  • - pencils of different hardness;
  • - eraser;
  • - or a knife sharpener;
  • - planner.
Make a training plan.This is very important because you will represent, how much time you take to study a particular element, or style.Determine in advance what time you can paint, how many hours or minutes you are willing to devote to this task, as well as whether you have the ability to view a video or text lessons.To start the day you can spend no more than half an hour, but then, this figure is better to increase.
To understand how to learn how to draw a pencil from the ground gradually, begin to depict simple shapes.Important for you to understand how the shadow falls, where it is necessary
to allocate glare and how best to represent the shape of the object.Initially, therefore, it is recommended to draw geometric shapes.Spend a week learning to draw each element separately and then together.The task much easier if you make rubbings from the site, which is located directly in front of you.This can be a tennis ball or an apple.
next step - simple animals and plants.He can spend more time, because there is much more diversity.With plants and animals you can learn to depict the finer details as well as understand how geometric shapes and shadows of waste can be transformed into an actual contours.Depending on the success, take the stage for 2-3 weeks.
Start drawing people.Starting with the best person, and then try to draw different parts of the body and the person completely.To understand how to learn how to draw a pencil from the ground up in stages, see the video tutorial.They told in detail, and most importantly, we show how to apply the finishing touches to soften the pencil and so on.At the end, try to draw a self-portrait and see how advanced your skills.The length of this phase of 1-4 weeks.
explore the prospects and start drawing full figures.Pay great attention to this stage, because it depends on how well you will be able to represent objects in space.Landscapes will allow you to cover not separate units and components of the complex composition.Do not forget to use all the knowledge and skills that you could get at the previous stages.
Free creativity.Once you learn all the basic elements begin to create something new.For example, try to portray the company of several people the most detailed.Let it will take you more than one week, but you will be proud of the result.Try to improvise and start to form their own style.