you need
  • - blank sheet of paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - set of colored pencils or markers.
sparks begin to draw a pony with a picture on a sheet of paper two small ovals, one of which will be the head, and the second - the body a little horse.The upper oval be divided thin arcuate line in two parts.It will further be positioned eyes.
next step drawing lesson pony Sparkles - Image bang, ear and back of the neck, which connects the head and torso of a cartoon character.Draw these details can be without lifting the pencil from the paper using a smooth line.
To draw a pony horn, draw the top of the head, around the m
iddle of the bangs, acute triangle.To draw a horse muzzle using small arc interconnected.
Now you need to draw the eye pony.The easiest way to do this with the help of small ovals inside each other and complemented with short lines - cilia.At the same stage of drawing "Little Pony" should "give" horsy smile and decorate it with a small horn transverse lines.
also staged a pencil drawing of a pony Sparkles image provides breast and legs fabulous horses.First, using a continuous line should draw forelegs.In form it resembles an elongated trapezoid top with rounded corners.
next step drawing - to add to the body of the tail section, and the rear legs peeking out from behind the front limbs legs.At this stage, painted pony has very similar to the popular cartoon character.
We can only draw a pony tail and sparks lush depict leg, peeping from behind leaving the fore limbs.
final stage of drawing lessons pony - an ornament of her torso mane and tail split bangs horse into individual strands and the design of her torso sparks.This step will make the pencil pony drawn more interesting and beautiful.
Figure ready.It turned out that paint pony sparks loved by millions of boys and girls cartoon "Little Pony" to use the technique of gradual drawing is not difficult.
resulting image can be used as paint pony, print it on your home printer.Understand the principle of gradual drawing ponies, ask your child to draw on their own pony sparks pencil.