you need
  • - a computer with Internet access
  • - browser
Start Mozilla Firefox, and to restore password , stored in the browser, choose "Tools".Select "Settings" menu, go to the tab "Security", click the "Saved Passwords".In this window, check all the passwords stored in the browser, and then scroll to the "show".
download of a program that will show stored passwords in Opera - UnWand - Viewer for passwords (Wand - Wand) in Opera, and the Opera password recovery Find it is not difficult.Install the program on your computer, run the program.Select the option of password recovery: automatically fro
m the sticks automatically from the mail manually from the rod, manually from the mail, a hybrid option.Click "Next".The scan window will appear in the next window, you must specify the location of the program of opera, and press on.The program will scan the folder and will display saved passwords.
download of a program that can show the passwords in the browser, not just Opera, or Mozilla, and many other browsers - Multi Password Recovery.To download, go to the official website of the program - .Download and install on your computer this program.When you install the program will offer to test the update, click "OK".Start the program from the main menu.On the left will display a menu where you can select the program you want to recover your password .For example, the browser is Internet Explorer, select one from the list, and the right of the program window will display saved passwords in the browser.
To restore password from the browser by using another program, go to , select and download any program from there.Their functions are similar to the previously described program.