Password should not be difficult for you, but for potential attackers.Not confusing yourself and others.No matter how long and tricky nor was your secret word, always leave yourself the way to retreat.To this end, a number of websites offers you to come up with a security question when the answer to which you will be able to recover a forgotten password.Do not neglect such opportunities if gathered to invent a complex cipher.
Avoid using simple passwords, all known information: date of birth, initials, nicknames favorite dog names favorite vacation spots.Those words that you select for complex password, do not just have to be known to the people, they should not at all b
e associated with your person.For example, if you are a pianist, it is more likely to be the codes of the words that have something to do with music, piano and so on.Avoid words.
Use numbers and letters if possible, and so that a combination of numbers was not linked in any way in the sense of a set of letters.Suppose you do not resist and wrote in the "Password" the nickname of your favorite cat.Put after the first part of the password, the start date of the Hundred Years War, and it is unlikely someone will guess to combine in a single password so different spheres of knowledge.Use spaces shall, if the site settings.It is better to put a space in unexpected places.If your password - "lyublyu_ mom", then to "cut" a space one of these words: "lyub_lyumamu."
Pay attention to the meaning of the password.Better Fish up it from any professional field, which is completely foreign to you.Use words that relate to what you hate: you turns back from fantasy, and you put your computer to protect the name of a hero of a fantasy.Yes, at first you will be disgusted.Just start to perceive it as the name of a set of letters, it is meaningless, and then things will go smoothly.For the sake of security, you can make such a sacrifice.
If you can, invent long password, which you shove all of these methods: a cat and name in conjunction with the beginning of the war, and the name of the hero vile vile book, and a gap in the most unexpected place ... ButRemember: If a password still is born, you should more carefully how to handle it.It needs to remember, because if you write it on a piece of paper, an attacker discovering it suddenly breaks into all your secrets.Therefore, fantasize the best of their abilities.