So, you go to an unchecked website that is likely is a free online resource.Before you see the information you need, you have to spend time browsing or close the pop-up Internet advertising.
Fortunately browser settings provide protection from such obsessions.To disable pop-ups in the browser Opera, go to "Menu" browser (the default button is in the upper left corner of the open window ).In the list of tabs locate the "Settings", move the cursor to this column.Before you open the parameters settings.Select "Quick Setup": This is the shortest way to configure pop-up windows.Select the settings pop-up "window Block unsolicited ».Left-click on this line and changes are saved automatically.Now work on the Internet will be much easier and safer.
Disable pop-ups in the Mozilla Firefox browser in the following ways.Go to the "Settings" menu, which is on top of the browser toolbar.Select the "Content" and put a tick in the "Block pop-up windows ».Confirm your action by clicking "OK".
If you somehow downloaded a malicious program on your computer, and now pop-up window with ads appear even when switched off the Internet, you can remove them in the following manner.Open the "Start" menu and select it in the "Control Panel."Find the tab "Folder Options" and click on it twice left mouse button.In the menu, click on the tab "View" and in the "Files and folders" check the box next to the command "Show hidden files and folders."Confirm your action by clicking "Apply" and "OK."Now hidden folder including those containing virus, will be visible to each user computer.
To remove a malicious program, open "My Computer" on the C drive and go to the folder «Documents and Settings».Select your administrator's name, and then open the folder «Application Data / App Data».It locate the folder «CMedia», open it by double clicking the left mouse button.Inside this folder, locate the file «CMedia.dat».Click on the right-click on the shortcut menu, choose "Open with Notepad".In the file, locate the line «ADSR = 976" (here instead of the 976 may be the number of pop- window , which set you on the counter).Change this number to 0, so as to obtain «ADSR = 0".Go to the folder «CMedia» and run the file «uninstal.exe», double-clicking on it the left mouse button.Wait until the system.