To check traffic, use the Traffic Inspector, designed to take into account and save the traffic on the Internet.The program allows for the systematic integration and control tariffs, to manage the speed and load channel.Using Traffic Inspector, you can be checked for viruses e-mail and web traffic , consider all the letters to filter spam.The program allows you to block advertisements and pop-ups, as well as unwanted sites.
download a free program such as BitTally, that can provide everything you need for recording, monitoring and analyzing network traffic .
Many enterprises and companies today set ProxyInspector - accounting system traffic .The above program is designed t
o accommodate Internet traffic and control over target use of the Internet company employees.But it's multi-functional program.
There are a number of free programs are very comfortable, with a narrow specialization, aimed at counting traffic and cost control on the internet.These programs are ideal for working in a local network.These include - free software vAv Traffic Watcher and vAv iNet StatistiX ( first detailed and carefully considers each byte and timely to remind that the daily or monthly limit is exceeded, or even yourself has disconnected in order to prevent overspending of funds.
If you want to calculate your financial investments in bank notes of any country, calculate the money graph leak that occurred during the week, and determine the current status of the account, download vAv iNet StatistiX (
more powerful program TMeter (, is able to guide and monitor the statistics on traffic separately for the local network and the Internet, has a powerful filter system through which we can assume onlytraffic that relates to the utility.
All programs have an intuitive interface and user menu, and therefore only need to be downloaded at run.The result of the program issued in the form of tables.