you need
  • - computer running Windows;
  • - program CommView fo Wi-fi and aircrack-ng 0.9.3 win.
First you need to download programs CommView fo Wi-fi and aircrack-ng 0.9.3 win.Both programs are free and are freely available.Also make sure that you have installed 32-bit Windows operating system with installed drivers for the wireless network card.Aircrack-ng 0.9.3 win unzip to any convenient location, preferably on the C drive or the one on which you have installed the operating system.
Launch CommView fo Wi-fi.For the first time it will offer to make the patch and reboot the driver.Agree at all points.Then select the "Rules" and mark items Data-capture packets and ignoring the Bea
con-packages, with the remaining items uncheck.Click to save the current rule.Go to the settings.In the tab "Basic" should be marked all the items except the first and eighth.In the next tab in the first box, enter the maximum number of packets - 20,000, and in the second - 20. Now go to the tab Log-file in the main window and select the "Auto Save" and specify the maximum size of the directory - 300, and the average size of the log-File - 5.
Click on the "Capture" and the pop-up window - on the "Start Scan".The right will appear point Wi-fi, in range, and displays them for more information.Select the desired access point and click "Capture".Now we need to wait until the program will collect a sufficient number of packets.When packets gather, press Ctrl + L and in the window that appears, select all the files.Then, in the tab "File" then click Export log-file format TCPdump.
Start AirCrack, set the parameters to it, and the path to the exported files with the package.Select the packages in paragraph Encryption: WEP, Key size: one by one, from small to large values.Choosing enough packets tick USE PTW attack.Click Launch.If the key is found at the bottom of the window that opens you are away; the inscription "KEY FOUND!"and the key itself.However, the key will be separated by a colon, which do not need to enter when connecting to a point.