When the proxy is the most difficult moment of search quality proxy well.Most of those that are in the public lists "live" no more than a few hours.Many work too slow, which affects the speed of loading pages.
Find online listings proxy s.One of the best resources on this topic can be found here: lists are constantly updated, there is a service check on the performance of the servers.In the column "ASM" stated provides a proxy anonymity.The column "the Run" shows the time of its response - what it is, the better.You can select and the country in which the server is located.
selecting and checking proxy , you must configure your browser to work with him.If you are running Interne
t Explorer, go to the menu "Tools", open "Internet Options - Connections".Click "Settings".In the next window, select "Use a proxy server ยป.Specify the proxy details - address and port used.
When working in Mozilla Firefox, open the "Tools" menu, select "Options - Advanced - Network".In the section "Configuring the Internet connection Firefox with a" click "Customize".Check "Manual proxy server configuration", enter the address and port number.Save your changes.
To use a proxy in the Opera browser, open the menu item "Tools", select "Settings - Advanced - Network".Click the mouse button "Proxies".Note the types of connections you use, register data in these lines proxy and - address and port.Click "OK".
Since public proxy s usually work very long because of the large number of people willing to use them, there is a independent search proxy with special programs.They can be divided into two types: the first is collected in a public network proxy lists, and checks them for performance.With others can independently scan ranges of ip-addresses to find a proxy for the ports they use.All of these programs you can find on the Internet.