If the document that you are cooking, opens in one of the applications Microsoft Office, use the "Insert hyper link ».You can do this by following the path "Menu" - "Insert" - "Hyperlink."The same result, but the faster you can get by clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate icon in the Formatting toolbar.
window opens in which you need to fill in the line "Address" and "Text".The location of your reference point in the line "Address".If the link you want to use a file located in a folder on your computer, select it using the built-in explorer.Text links display the contents of the line "text".For example, referring to the site of the dogs of a certain breed, you can write "All of a Sheltie."In addition to these lines, you can fill i
n the "Tip".Its contents will be displayed when you hover the mouse over the hyperlink that you created.After filling all the lines, press the "OK" button.A hyperlink is created in the document, it will be displayed in blue and underlined.
similar algorithm the steps to insert a reference text on your pages.Now, using the visual editor, it is not necessary to be an expert in html language and enter their own team in ovoe text content of the page.The menu is available online item "Insert hyper link » (icon in the system is also very similar to the one described above - the two chain link).By choosing this item from the menu or by clicking on the appropriate icon, you open a window similar to that already described.By filling out the address value, and text and tips, you will get the desired result.Links on the page you can do as external (to other sites), and internal (links to the home page of your site).
If, however, for various reasons, to use a WYSIWYG editor, you do not want to manually edit the contents of the page.For reference the insert corresponds to the tag "& lt; a & gt;"(without spaces).Required entry would look like this: Full Sheltie .