If you install on your site banner of any other Internet resource, then you are likely to be a html-code, which must be inserted into your pages.If this banner to your business partner, it is usually placed in the code details for the identification and registration of traffic will come from you.The same details are present in the code to set the banner of search engines, catalogs, counters, etc. To insert this code into the page first open it in any suitable editor.If the administration site and you are using a control system site th, it has built an online page editor.After opening the desired pages in this editor, it is necessary to switch from visual mode to edit the HTML-code.In the source code of the page find the plac
e that you think is most appropriate for the banner.If the banner code you already have - copy it, if the code is available on the website s partner - take the code from there.Sometimes the code is sent by mail after the registration of your partner, in other cases you will have access to a password-protected area of ​​partnership site well and take the code out, in the third it is freely available on the site is, and you have yourself added to code your registrationnumber.In any case, copy the code and paste it in a certain location of your html-page source code.When you finish editing the page be sure to save your changes.
If you are not using management systems, you can download the desired page via the file manager control panel of your hosting company and edit it with a text editor.In this case, you need to find the right place in the page, and paste the html-code to the banner.Save your changes, upload the page back to the server in the same file manager.To move files between your computer and the server can use any of the programs FTP clients.
Different partners have different rules regarding the placement of the banner file - some store it on your server, some require placing it on your server.In the second case, you need to upload the picture to himself through the same file manager or FTP client.In this case, do not forget to make sure that the address you specified in the code of a banner inserted in the page corresponds to where you actually put the picture.