Most pages on the site ah have the extension * .html, * htm or * .php.See what extension have pages of your site and - new page have to do exactly the same.
To add pages to the site you need to have administrator privileges.Control method site th depends on which resource it is.If it is an independent project, located on a paid or free hosting, it all works with the setting site and are made from the control panel.Access to the panel - login and password - you get when registering the resource.
To add the page you need any html-editor.For example, Cute Html - is a simple and very comfortable editor with syntax highlighting.Start the editor in the dialog box will appear billet future code.Highl
ight and delete all the lines, you do not need them.
Open the control panel page your site and most similar to the one you want to add.Copy the html-code.Then paste it into the editor window and save it with your desired name.For example, if the last page of your site and had the address of the form: http: // moy_ site .ru / 12.html, then save the created page how 13.html.
Now you need to modify the code and content created pages properly.It is more convenient and faster to edit the page is copied with ready-made templates, you can create a new one from scratch.You can only change the menu, navigate and fill page desired content.Start navigation: see where the links lead to corresponding one or another button is pressed or the lines menu and tweak them as needed.Some lines will remain intact, in which it is necessary to change the name and insert the correct target address.
After changing navigation save page as a separate file - such as 13.1.html.Whenever such changes are saved page with the new name.If an error occurs it will allow you to return to the last saved page and continue.
configuring navigation, go to page content.Note the tags applied to the text formatting.If you just change the text, carefully remove it from the code, leaving tags.Then, replace the text of the new remote.You can always see the result of your actions by pressing the button in the editor view.Create a page open in a browser installed on your system by default.
If you plan to place the image on the page, place it on the site in one of the folders, and link the code page list the path to the file.Keep in mind that when you view pages in your browser, a reference to the drawings will not work if you are not connected to the Internet.
Once the page is created, save it under the correct name, and place the control panel on site , a folder to other pages.This work is not yet finished - you need to touch up those pages site and from which will be the transition to a new page .That is, make the appropriate line to enter the menu.
If pages site and have the extension * .php, then proceed as follows: Keep the code in the editor as a * .html.Once the page is created, change the extension to * .php and place on a site .
In case your site created using free designer site s - for example, such as Ucoz, add new pages and edit them via the menu of the site well.Open the Control Panel, carefully review its options, and you will find all the necessary tools.If you have questions, go to the forum of technical support services you use.