The easiest option - to use a flash-ready components.Such calendar requires no configuration, adding additional pages of codes of scripts and styles.Get ready to flash calendar can, for example, the site FlashScope .This site, together with the file to insert into the page site , and provides the source code.If you have the desire and skills to work with some flash-editors, then, with the source code, you can change the design and functionality of the calendar.
Picking calendar , and preparing executable swf-file, upload it to the server your site .You can use this for the file manager from the CMS, or from the control panel of your hosting company.And you can download it via FTP protocol using the TSR - FTP client.
Then prepare Embed Flash
calendar in the source code of the page.The minimum set of HTML-tags may look like this: & lt; object classid = "clsid: d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase = ",0,0,0 "width =" 230 "height =" 280 "align =" middle "& gt;
& lt; param name = "movie" value = "calendar.swf" / & gt;
& lt; embed src = "calendar.swf" quality = "high" wmode = "opaque" width = "230" height = "280" align = "middle" allowScriptAccess = "sameDomain" type = "application / x-shockwave-flash "pluginspage =" "/ & gt;
& lt; / object & gt; Use the HTML-code as a template to insert your calendar.The two places you need to change the dimensions - width and height of the flash-object attributes are specified width = "230" and height = "280".Find them in the code and replace with the appropriate size of your calendar.Similarly needs to be changed in two places, and the file name - is given the attributes of value = "calendar.swf" and src = "calendar.swf".Find them and replace calendar.swf the name of your file.
're prepared to insert code in the HTML-source code.Download Sites page to her computer, open it in a text editor.And you can use the page editor content management system to modify the code directly in the browser online.In this case, open the page, it is necessary to switch the editor in edit mode of HTML-code.In the code of the page you need to find a place where you want to see the flash calendar , copy and paste prepared by the HTML-code.Then, save the page as amended.If it was edited in your computer - download back to the server.