you need
  • - Mouse;
  • - keyboard;
  • - knowing the name of the operating system of your computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
To learn IP-address of the computer, the current operating system Windows, you need to register in the command prompt: cmd / k ipconfig.For example, the OS Windows 7, the process looks like this: you need to click "Start" then "All Programs", select "Standard", then - "Command Prompt."In the window that you need to write: «cmd / k ipconfig», after -, press Enter.At the command prompt, all commands are written without quotation marks,
similar set of actions should be done in the case of work with the operating system Unix: IP-address is determined by means of the same prescribed in the command line
command ifconfig, familiar fromOS Windows.
completely different team must perform to determine the IP-address of the machine running the operating system iOS.To do this, you must first click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, select "System Preferences", then under "Internet and Network" select "Network".The drop-down menu, select the type of the current connection (if you are connected via Ethernet, select the "Built-in Ethernet», if the wireless network, select «AirPort»).Next, select "TCP / IP" in the "Network".The screen will display IP-address of the Mac.
Check your known IP-address of the computer any other user may be using a web form application layer network protocol, based on the protocol TCP.To do this, you must enter in the search box of any search engine (eg, Google, Yandex and Rambler) query whois, and then choose the vending site.