To create a network domain , precisely to understand what it is.All domains contain some information or database.For them, it created a common database, it is also called the service of the Active Directory.
Select, what kind of network you create.Blast network may consist of a small group of computers - LAN as well as a large network of customers which are located hundreds of kilometers from each other.Connect all the computers in the domain by using a simple cable, telephone cable, satellite communications, wireless device.It is in the domain server Active Directory directory service controls all the work and communication of all network participants.There's going administration, and control the entire network securit
y domain.
Connecting computers is possible thanks to the basic network protocols TCP / IP, which work only if every computer domain network has its own IP-address is made up of four digits after the point.For example: collaborate computers with different IP-addresses, a system for monitoring DNS.
Name the domain.The titles have a special structure, which is clearly shown in the figure: The point at the top - this is the main root domen.Verhny level domain determines the location of the server and its occupation.For example: ru - Russian position, com - an organization working on a commercial basis (eg, second level domain refers to the company itself to address for service of the domain network in the top level domain, the organization that owns it and register them yourself.The third level domain - it is part of a particular company.When you add some new level domain name to the primary domain names are added to the left through the point.
is now easy to get a domain.The owners are selling the top-level domain on the Internet a lot of free domain names, starting from the second level.They also make the registration, control of security as well as provide storage of information on your own server for time-based fee of one month to one year.There are proposals from the owners of second-level domain, which also sell third-level domains.