To find ip-address for the domain name of the resource, use one of the special network services.For example, this: Enter in the field you are interested ip, click "Learn."In the field you will see your desired domain name.
If you need to perform a reverse process, ie to find out ip-address of the domain, this can be done in two ways.First: Take advantage of network services.For example, earlier described resource: Type in the domain name, click on "Check".You will see the ip-address of the domain.
You can specify ip-address of your resource with the command ping.For example, you want to determine the
address of the service Yandex: Open a command prompt: "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt."Enter: ping and press Enter.Will exchange packets with a website in the first line you will see the ip-address of the resource:
If you need to find out where the physical location you are interested in the computer, use the services of Geo IP.For example, this: Try typing in the search box above ip-address Yandex to vote this information.You will see not only the location of the server, and any related issues.
Sometimes you may need to know, what network addresses connected to your computer.To do this, you can take advantage of the operating system Windows.Again, open a command prompt, type netstat -aon.Press Enter.You will see a list of existing connections.
In the column "Local Address" you can see all the addresses and ports on your computer through which you are connecting.The column "Foreign Address" shows the address of the remote computer and the port number to use.With the above-mentioned services, you can determine the location of the computer and the provider through which you are connecting.