access DNS settings can be obtained from the corresponding menu the hosting control panel.Normally this function is called DNS Menu or even just "Configuring DNS».Table hosts and corresponding DNS entries must contain the field "Host Name" and "Type of record".When making an entry should be remembered that the host name can be written entirely from the point at the end of compulsory (, Or simply as a sub-domain (pimer) without a point.Both options are acceptable.
Next after the name of the field to choose the type of record.Different types of records are used depending on the purpose.Record Type A regulates the establishment of the correspondence between the host name, located in the domain, and the corresponding IP address.For exa
mple, to name pointed to a home computer with IP, it is necessary to introduce an entry in the field "Host Name», In the "Record Type" A, «IP address» the point is after the hostname is required, and then the IP address is not needed.
Record Type CNAME (Canonical Name), which means "canonical name" allows you to assign a mnemonic host name or nickname.Record there should be understood as follows: nickname allows access to the domain alias, ie, you can create a nickname in the form of a third level domain name, for example,, for the site, located on domain should be "parked" on any server.For this purpose it is convenient to take advantage of the Registrar, which are usually provided free of charge.