Start browser Mozilla Firefox - you will have at least one tab.At your option, this tab can be a blank white form or Web page designated as your home, or even just a few pages - then when you start your browser and open the appropriate number of tabs.In addition, it is possible to set as the start page (new tab) express panel with visual tabs.So for the first analyze your situation and decide which of the options for you to be the most preferred.
Do not leave a blank tab home page, if you intend to frequently visit a large number of the same URL-addresses.Inde
ed, in this case, to go to your favorite sites every time you have to type the URLs manually or search for the necessary links, and tabs magazine or even use a web search.It is much more appropriate in this case is set as the start page (new tab) express panel designed for Mozilla Firefox.For more information on modifications to existing Speed ​​Dial (user reviews, advice on installation and configuration) are looking for on the Internet.
Do not waste your time and computer resources to install, configure, and zkspluatatsiyu express panel with numerous visual bookmarks, if you regularly visit the Internet just a couple of sites.In this case, it is better to assign the home page.When you start your browser and / or when you click on "Home", they will be opened all at once - each site in a separate tab, and rare another link you can do with a blank page by conventional means.
Make the necessary changes to the settings Mozilla Firefox.Open the browser - it is called the orange button at the top left.Click on the item "Settings".In the window that appears, start with a group "Basic Settings" - it specify the address (es) of the home page and select the optimal variant of the tabs when you start the browser.If you do not know how to do this, click on "Help" in the bottom right corner of the window.
Go to the next group of settings - "Tabs".To select the most preferred options, read the information in the Help system.Check all items and check boxes, click OK to save the settings.
Press again the menu button and select "Add-ons".In the window that opens, go to the "Get Add-ons."Type in the search box the word "Tabs" - an extensive list of add-ons will be responsible for working with tabs, each of which may be particularly useful for you.To study the detailed description of each, see screenshots, read user reviews, click on "More Info".If you are not strong in foreign languages, you can install the first addition in Mozilla Firefox translator.
Download you liked supplement.As a rule, after the end of the installation process, restart the browser.