you need
  • - firewall;
  • - the Skype.
Install the program on your computer, the firewall.It is necessary to further define the IP-address of the computer owner you have to send some file through the Skype.To do this, open the dialog menu when running a firewall installed and select the files to send messages.
You can also just drag and drop in the window and click the item you want to send.After that starts the main menu of your firewall and make sure what address was sent to your file.It is available only if your partner has confirmed receipt of the file or has set their reception by default.
In determining the IP-address via Skype program, make sure that your interlocutor does not use a proxy server.In this case, to find out the real address of the computer it will be much
harder than usual.You can try to find them used anonymizer by searching in specific online services, but not every proxy server provides real addresses of its users.
If, find the IP-address via Skype, then you also need to know the basis of his full name and address of the user, refer to the definition of a special service provider of IP-address, for example, http: // contact your provider with a request to provide information relating to your person.
Please note that for this you must have a good reason, otherwise you will refuse to provide data about the client company.Generally considered to be sufficient reasons to obtain malicious files and programs from the user, attempts to hack your computer and other offenses against you this person.Most often it required as documentary evidence of unlawful action on your client provider.