Tip 1: How to record live webcast

Every year Internet communication is becoming increasingly interactive.Now you can not just for a few minutes to read a message from a person living in another country or in another hemisphere, but also to hear his voice and see the video.Video broadcasts are now used for different purposes - for example, is very popular streaming Internet TV channels, through which people can watch TV from the comfort of your computer.All you need to create a translation - it is the appropriate software and high-speed Internet channel.
To record a video broadcast on the Internet, you will need software WM Recorder.Download the program from the Internet and run the installer.Follow the installation wizard to all the teams agree to the terms of use of the software, and then specify the path to install the program.
Click the Start button to start the basic installation process, and then complete the installation by pressing the button Exit.If you want to immediately run the program, check on the
item Launch WM Recorder.
program starts and before you start will automatically check and adjust your parameters of access to the Internet.Click OK to a request for setting up the Internet connection, and then wait until the configuration process.
If the program tells you the list of files that need access to the network, add data files to the list of applications, except for your antivirus and firewall.Set these files full access to the network.
Now you need to install WinPcap to record video with the AC adapter.Click "Next" to install WinPcap, then wait until the program will determine the type of your network adapter.Complete the installation of the program.
Open your Internet browser and go to any site on which you have the proper recording.Start the video simultaneously running WM Recorder - the program will automatically record video.For correct recording broadcast video from the internet you must first open the program WM Recorder, then just run the video on this site.Only in this case, the video will be written in full.
To view the status of the video, click Status.If you want to stop recording, click Stop.To further customize the program, open Settings, if you are not satisfied with the current recording.
If you want to record some video from the network, but you can not be present on the computer, a scheduled recording - open in the program settings section and select Shedule Recording.Set the start and end of the recording, enter the URL of the video, as well as its name.The program will automatically start the recording process, even if you are not around.

Tip 2: How to make a live webcast

The modern world is full of various events.To keep abreast of what is happening, and to convey it in real-time to your friends, you need to organize Internet broadcast .To do this, you must connect to high speed internet and register some services.
How to webcast
you need
  • - fast internet connection;
  • - webcam.
register by creating an electronic mailbox on the mail service Mail.ru.To do this, enter your personal information, interests, and upload an avatar.Go to the home page of the project and click on the link "Video" (left side).In the next page, click on the "Create a video broadcast ».New window shows the image from your webcam (do not forget to turn it on).After making sure that the picture is displayed good camera, click on "Start broadcast ».Since then, the Internet broadcast from your webcam began.Under is a link to a video broadcast , so you can share your creation with friends (looks like this: http://video.mail.ru/mail/username/_bcast).
can create and broadcast on video sharing Smotri.com (by analogy can be drawn on Rutube.ru).Sign up on the website and enter your login and password.Click on "Create broadcast ».Select the type of broadcast, either temporary or permanent channel broadcasting.It is important to decide on the appointment of your video.At the time of broadcasting the recording will be removed immediately after completion, the permanent storage of video broadcast channel involves an appeal to it at any time.
also quite easy to organize webcast using free Webcam Plus!Lite.To do this, download it at this link http://webcam.akcentplus.ru/webcamlite.html, by clicking the appropriate button.Install it on your computer.Make sure that the installation package presented background information and library qedit.dll.Also, for the operation of the program you need to install Microsoft DirectX.Download this package, you can link http://www.microsoft.com/directx/homeuser/downloads/default.asp.
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