you need
  • -Access Internet
  • -debetovaya or credit card
To be able to pay for goods and services via PayPal, you need to register your accountthis payment system.To do this, go to the website, then click on "Register".Enter your country and language.Then click on "Open Account" section for individuals.Enter your personal data.Please note that as a login to the system used by your e-mail.
Tie your account debit or credit card.To do this in your account, select the tab "My Account", click on "Add / Edit Credit
Card" and enter all of your card.Confirm the input by pressing the "Add mapĀ»
pay for the purchase in the online store.To do this, when you select a payment method, click the icon paypal, please enter your username and password.Enter your card is not required.The system itself is a safe way to write off your money.
If the seller is a private person and you need to transfer the money to him, then, do you next series of actions:

- log on to Paypal, in the "Personal" click the link "Send payment";
- enter your e-mail address, enter the required amount and the currency of payment;
- select your type of payment - "shop online" and "Personal delivery".If you buy over the Internet, the Commission has taken only with the seller, the buyer does not pay anything extra.If you make a personal payment, the Commission applies to both.
- click "Continue" - need to log in to your account to confirm the transfer.
Seller will receive a notice on their email, then it should go into your account and deliver the received confirmation of payment.This must be done within 30 days, otherwise the money will return back to the buyer.