you need
  • contract with the service provider of Internet access
One way to find out the balance of your facial account - call technical support of your ISP.The phone number should be specified in the contract for the provision of telecommunications services.In addition, it can be found on the website provider.When calling customer support, be prepared to call the number of your account and name of the person who has signed this contract.
Perhaps your ISP provides the ability to send SMS to short number and get back the information on the account.Are you this service - must be specified either in the contract or in the in
formation section of the website provider.You need except number for sending SMS messages, the number of your account and possibly a code mark online services - some providers use one number for information about different types of services.
In the information section (FAQ) site of your Internet service provider, you can find other ways to get information about the current balance.For example, many Internet service providers allow you to do this with the help of payment terminals (eg, terminals Sberbank and QIWI).In this case, going to the terminal, be sure to write down the number of your personal account .
most complete information on the balance sheet you can get into your personal account online ISP.Go to the site, find the authorization form and enter your username and password - they must be specified in your contract with the provider.Please note that the password to access personal account - this is not the password that you use on your computer to access the Internet.
internal organization of the office each provider has its own - alas, there is no uniform standard.For example, if you have signed a contract for the service "Beeline internet", then the balance of the balance you see right after the entrance - in the right column, right-click on the "Deposit Balance".But the details can be found on the page "Information on the contract."