you need
  • - password (the one that you will remember);
  • - e-mail address that was specified at registration;
  • - active phone number, which was specified at registration;
  • - answer a secret question (favorite number, mother's maiden name of your mother, and others.);
  • - passport number and code.
Run WebMoney Keeper.Click on the "Can not access your account?".It takes you to regain access the service menu.Depending on the situation, select one of the options.They can be: "You have forgotten the password and can not remember it," or "Before the password came, and now is not suitable."The first response should be selected if you are sure that the problem of activation in
a forgotten password, and user keys and wallets, the current version Keeper'a and password you have.The second answer, select those who are not entirely sure that the password is incorrect and wants to make sure.
Take the opportunity to log in to your account through the service E-num, if you chose the second answer.This method the system will offer as a priority when there are problems with activation.It will help to understand whether you have forgotten your password, or simply make a mistake when you enter.This will require the e-mail address that was provided during registration.After you enter the address, your phone number will receive an SMS with a variable code login, to be entered in the appropriate field.
Click on the link specified in the password recovery service, if you chose the first answer or were not able to enter through the service E-num.This will take you to the official website customer support WebMoney.You will have instructions to reset your password.The system ask about the most appropriate way for you to gain access to the account.So, if you still have access to a telephone number provided at registration, the service will send him the code that is required to send a new password.He will be your new password.
use the initialization of personal data in the event that access to the phone number you do not have.The system will ask for the code number and the passport, full name and the answer to the secret question.After entering this data, WebMoney after reconciliation will send an answer to your e-mail address.In the letter, among other things will contain a new password to your account.