Many users often heard of it but do not know about how it works.For some, the process of buying or selling at auction seems time-consuming.But in fact, selling on eBay is easy.In addition, this process is somewhat addictive.

  1. If a desire to participate in its work, you need to register as a member.The registration procedure is paid - only 30 cents.Over the funny money your item on eBay seen by millions of potential buyers.

  2. In order to sell products, you must specify when registering a valid credit card.It is necessary to identify you and the auction will make sure that your age exceeds 18 years, and you, logically, will be more serious about both the participants and to the g
    oods.After registration, you can begin the formation of an offer to sell their goods.

  3. to sell on E-Bay properly and successfully, you must first become familiar with similar products offered for sale by other sellers.See how is described in other similar goods which photos uploaded, as described by the seller is not out of ignorance or in order to hide anything about the product.Remember that attractive on the strengths of the product and it is necessary to tell.

  4. to the commencement of the sale, you must activate the Sell the top of any page of the auction eBay.Download Page Sell Your Item (sell your products).It is necessary to fill out the sections on the subject of the sale - the name and description of goods.Then you need to specify the minimum rate, which will be auctioned step if there is demand on the part of the bidders.Do not be lazy and specify additional information about products and place photos with the image of the product.One product photo service eBay Picture accepted for placement on the site for free.Additional photos for a product costing 15 cents each.Specify the period within which the goods will be for sale.

  5. section Shipping & amp;Payment Terms (conditions of delivery and payment) you must specify an acceptable method of payment for you, the address for payment, and the address to send the goods.In addition, you need to fill out fields on the cost of delivery, and the need to write instructions for delivery of the goods.Check information entry and confirm that everything is correct filled.From that moment your item put up for auction.

  6. When the auction ends, its follow-up on your e-mail will be sent a letter that will be listed winner and delivery address.When you receive notification that the funds for the goods transferred to your account, you need to send goods to the buyer at the specified address.Depending on the selected method of obtaining money (bank transfer or check), the buyer sends the money to the address indicated in the registration.Wait for cashing the check and send the goods.

  7. If the buyer has paid the purchase by credit card, the funds will go to safety first on account eBay, which send to your e-mail notification of payment.After the buyer receives the goods purchased, the system eBay will credit to your credit card.