you need
  • - computer with unlimited access to the Internet
  • - persistence
  • - determination
  • - the ability to self-
good news: Money Onlineit really is.This has been proved by many generations of successful freelancers and Moneymaker.The bad news: the button "loot" is not here.This means that in order to earn Internet decent amount, you have to really work, investing a lot of time and effort.Often the work even more than office work offline.And if the prospect of serious work d
oes not scare you, you can proceed to the consideration of options for real wages.
But before we talk about how and where to make money online, you have to say about what to do should definitely not.In the first place it is not necessary to strive for an attractive advertising giant earnings without any effort.If you see an ad that promised $ 100 000 per month while working 30 minutes a day without any skills, you can be sure - it is a scam.And there are going to make to you.Also, do not get involved in all sorts of financial pyramids, "magic purses", the earnings for clicks and reading advertising letters.At best, you will get a measly penny for senseless hours sitting in front of the monitor, and at worst - an elementary deception.
Before seeking real earnings in the Internet , we should find out for yourself what you know and what you can make money.There are two possible ways: a) distant work for one or more customers (freelance);b) earnings on their sites, or develop their own business information.
If you choose to freelance, you must first be adequately assess their skills.What can you offer the customer?Writing texts (copywriting), programming, web design, development and sale of professional photos, advice in any field or something else?Decide on your skills, you can begin to create a portfolio and find the first customers.It is important to bear in mind that at first have a hard and high fees can not be counted.In Internet high level of competition in every field of activity and before you will be able to declare itself as a good specialist and grow a range of reliable customers have to spend a lot of time and effort.But do not despair.Upscale professionals are always worth their weight in gold, and your perseverance and self-improvement is definitely bear fruit.
Earnings on their websites is convenient because you almost do not depend on the will of the customers.If you are a good web master, the results did not take long to wait.In the presence of its own network of sites, you can earn a lot of money on different affiliate programs, contextual advertising, selling links and providing space for advertising articles.Of course, this work also requires knowledge, perseverance, experience and dedication.But it is important to know that sooner or later all the effort and the effort paid off handsomely, the main thing not to leave halfway, and not to despair at the possibility of failure.