use resource AliTrack, to track the parcel with AliEkspress.The reference to this and other sites can be found below.Go to the field, which is located at the top of the page, enter your tracking code obtained during execution of the order at the store, and click "Track".Then you will see information about where is currently in your package.
There are other sites that allow to track the parcel from AliExpress.For example, Gdeposylka.Here in free mode you can monitor up to five different parcels, and by paying a nominal amount you can keep track of a large number of deliveries, as well as to be notified of them.Another popular resource - Post-tracker.Its free version allows
you to check up to three parcels a day.In addition, here you can subscribe to SMS notifications about your departure.Of the minuses - not very user-friendly interface.
In some cases parcels AliEkspress sent via Singapore mail (service Free Shipping).This premise has the tracking code, the name of which ends in SG.To keep track of it, please visit Singpost.
If you want to track the parcel with AliExpress from China, should take into account some special features.For example, when sending out to the Chinese Customs may require a lot of time before it starts to be tracked from Russia.You should periodically check the website of the Russian Post, as it is the organization in the future engaged in the delivery of goods from China.And if you are expecting a parcel with AliExpress not in Russia and in Ukraine, Belarus or any other country, using your public website address and try to enter the tracking code on it.
You can also track the parcel with AliEkspress with paid services.Usually, this service is carried out by companies EMS, USPS, DHL, FedEx and others.In this case, pay attention to the sites of these courier services.For example, delivery from EMS, you can track the first in China, using local courier official website, and then in the Russian Federation, on the site Emspost.