Tip 1: How to cancel the order

If you have ever ordered products in the online store, then you know the algorithm of their work.If you are faced with buying on the internet for the first time, and besides, after the implementation of the order you suddenly decided to cancel it, you should learn how to do it.
Not everyone knows that any online store is taking orders, not only on the internet, but also on the phone.Accordingly, using the phone, you can not just make an order, but to abolish it.But we should not do it on the day of delivery of the order, and it is better to call and express their wish to cancel your order in advance.If you choose cash as a payment method, then you have nothing to lose, to cancel the order for a few minutes before the delivery, but it is unlikely you will be able to make purchases in the store of the future.
When paying for goods online store credit card refusal to accept e-mail with the request to cancel the order and transfer the money back into your account.If your order is
already in transit, you can return the money only after receipt of the goods and return if it is provided by the rules store (stores in some foreign goods no return).In this case, you should find in the store, which was produced by order of the returned goods.

Tip 2: How to cancel the order Oriflame

some mistakes when you make a purchase via the Internet - and you do not bring the cosmetics that you are planning to buy.Therefore, you must carefully form orders on the website of Oriflame.If you accidentally make a mistake and noticed it only when the re-examination, cancel your request.
How to cancel an order Oriflame
you need
  • - Account Online Oriflame;
  • - pen and paper;
  • - phone.
Sign in to your account at http://ru.oriflame.com, using the form in the upper right corner of the window.If you have not had time to fully place your order, simply remove the selected products from the basket.To do this, your order go to the folder "Editing the reserve."Thus, you can easily vary the items you want to purchase.
If you are already fully booked, and the purchase is necessary to disband the entire order completely.To do this, please call the service center of the company Oriflame.Please note that it is necessary to treat in the center that serves your area.Telephone required separation you can find on the page http://oriflame-da.ru/general_section/80.html.
Before you call, write or remember the number of the invoice, which forms the order, as well as its exact amount to pay.You can opt out of certain items in your order.Note that the operator of the service center will ask you to not call the name of the product and its code.If you make a purchase later in the evening, but then decided that something extra, be sure to call the company in the early hours of the service, when possible, your order has not yet had time to fold.
already formed for the abolition of the order you can impose a fine.It depends on the amount by which you want to buy a product.The operator of the service center have to warn you about this.If it is not received by the information themselves verify the cancellation policy and a possible fine.
In the service center you can offer to cancel the order by e-mail.Explain the situation to the operator, you will switch to the warehouse.It will address, which immediately send a letter, specifying the amount and check number order.
If you are not Oriflame order via the Internet, to cancel simply contact your consultant listed in the phone directory.
Helpful Hint
best thing to do cancellation "without delay" in order not to create unnecessary trouble themselves or employees online store.