You can do this in two ways.If you want to remove not only your page, but also a mailbox, use the following steps.In this case, the removal of your email address will result in the removal and all of your other services: album, My World, videos and more.But this operation should be carried out, if you're determined to no longer use the services under your login
To do this, sign in to your e-mail, enter the correct username and password.Copy and paste the link into your browser window (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or something else - it does not matter).
Next you'll be taken to remove the e-mail address pv.Here you will find information about your data when that will be removed along with your mailbox you will see a blank graph with the inscription: "Enter the reason", where you should report the reason for which you want to delete your mailbox.For you also retain the right to remove the box without giving reasons.Even if you leave the count is not completed, the process can continue.
Enter your current password, confirming your actions, and click "Delete."

From this moment your mailbox on removed.If desired, you can restore your mailbox on using the same username and password.However, all data will be erased.
If you only want to delete mail from the My World ru - enter my world with your login and password.Open the first tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.Under the heading "Delete My World" you will see the following information: "Yes, I want to delete my world, losing any information that can not be restored."Click on the highlighted section of the line, and your page will be removed.