You can restrict viewing of your page, some items are only available to friends.This includes recording and on the wall.If users complain that they can not see the writing on your wall, and you want that person is not among the friends saw the inscription, go to your settings page.Click the tab "Privacy".In the line "Who sees other people's posts and comments on my wall," select "All Users".To see how your page can see other users click on the link, located under the button "Save".If you are satisfied, click "Save".
Privacy settings
If there arise a coincidence, you have disabled commenting on the wall, go to the settings in the tab "General".Remove the labels next to the line,
"Show only my notes" and "Disable commenting walls."Please note that if you tick the first paragraph, by default only your fault record, all others are available on the link "to all the records."If you turn off commenting on the walls, all comments will be deleted and unavailable for recovery.
Wall Settings
If you left post on a wall and accidentally pressed the cross - the icon is responsible for removing the comment displays "Message deleted" and a number of reference "Restore".Click on it, and the message will be restored, so you can delete and restore the message as long as the browser refresh the page.After updating the restoration comment impossible.A similar process applies to photos, videos, graffiti, music and messages sent from applications.And in a similar way to restore messages can be on the walls of societies and in the comments to the content of the page (photos, video).If you remove someone else's message, to restore it the same way.
Recovering messages and privacy settings in other social networks may be slightly different by name, but the algorithm will remain the same.