you need
  • Our own page on the site VKontakte page you interesting man.
Go to your profile page on the website VKontakte.Find the right person, you want to add to your bookmarks.
If this is your friend - then go to the list of your friends by clicking the "My Friends" on the left of your avatars.Find the right person simply scroll through the list or enter a name in the search box.Then go to his page by clicking on his picture on your list.
If this is one of your friends - first find the right person in your friends list, and then his buddy list via the search box, type the name of the person and go to his page.Also, find someone you can search the website VKontakte.Find the search box in the "header" of the site, type in there name, and then select a city, age and other data.
often you stumble upon an interesting person or a celebrity in different groups, communities, news.It you can also easily add bookmarks.To do this go to his page and open it in a background tab.
On the page of the person you want to add to your bookmarks, scroll down the page.On the left side, right under the audio recordings, get a list of options.Among them, find the "Add to Favorites" (the third one) and click on it with the left mouse button once.Wait a few seconds.The page will be added to your bookmarks, when, instead of this option will be "Remove from favorites".This action you can perform at your convenience.
Check the list of your bookmarks.To do this, the left side of the page, click on the menu option "My favorites".You will have the desired page, which will show you all the interesting people.At the bottom of the list of all the people will show those who are currently located on the site VKontakte online (online).To visit their page, you just click on their photo.