Go to the site "VKontakte".To do this, open your Internet browser and type in the address bar you open the main page of the site.
the left side of the page is the login box.If you are already registered on the website, enter your login information: e-mail and password.If you do not have an account, you need to complete the registration process, after which go to the site.
Once you've logged in, you will find yourself on your page.There collected basic information about you.On the left is a menu of sections, such as "My Home", "My friends," "My Videos", etc.Select the menu item "My photo graphy."
This section contains your photo albums with graph.Open the album from which you want
to move a specific photo graphs.You will see a list of miniature photo graphs that are collected in this album.Click on the right.It is loaded in a standard size in a new window.
Under most photo graphs to the right is a list of functions that can be applied to this photo : «Flag Man", "Add to my page", "Zoom photo Count", etc..d.From this list, select "Edit".Launch the "Edit photo graphy."
In the window that opens, you can write a description of the photo graph that displays basic information briefly.Below, a description indicating the album to which this photos stored on your page.Click on the triangle next to the drop-down and select the album list, which it must move.If you wish, you can set a tick "Make album cover ».After making changes, click "Save".
To see the result of the work, go back to "My photo graphy", open the corresponding album and check the very photo .