to remove the user from the blacklist, to start, make a link, where XXXX - your id.Then send it to the user, who added to the blacklist.From its name, of course, you do not need to do better to ask a friend or register a different account.To the user has passed on this link, interest him.For example, add a link to the text, which will be able to intrigue him, for example: "Have you released it (well)?".If he goes on this link, you will be automatically deleted from its blacklist and will have access to his page and the right to send a private message.
to remove from the blacklist (ban list) in the Vkontakte, make a link where XXXX - id group, and #### - your id.Then send the link to the group administrator.Do it from your page should not be.It is better to ask it to make a friend or register a different account.You can add to the intriguing link text such as: "Have you seen what's happening in your group?".You can send a link to, and without text, but with it a greater chance that the group administrator will go on it.As soon as he does, you will automatically be removed from the ban list and the group will have access to it.
If you think you have added to the black list unjustified, first try to contact a user (group administrator) and find out the reason why you got there.Perhaps your account was hacked a fraudulent activities, and it sent spam or offensive statements to which you do not have a relationship.If the situation is resolved, you will not need to cheat, and the user (group administrator) you voluntarily remove from the blacklist.