If the domain was purchased in the services Google, it will host one of the partners Google - or more accurately determine the host, log in to the administrative control panel services.To do this in your browser, enter the address https: // replace the domain name.Host name search in the domain settings, the tab of domain names.
If the domain is not acquired by Google, looking for host database whois.Find free whois database is possible if you enter the query "free whois» in the search box of any search engine (Yandex, Googl).From the search results, select a company that provides services free of charge to the database query whois.The major sites that provide similar services,
and are not related to Google - the and the Web site, type the domain name in the field and send the request.The answer will come to you, not only the name of the domain registrar, but at least two servers for that domain.
There is another way to search the server name server NS.Type your query in the NS lookup of any search engine.From the search results, select a company that provides services of server names through search queries.By the way, the above mentioned company is the most popular among the sites looking through the server name server.On the site you selected, type in the domain name, and then when sending the request string Any Record to display all records or NS Record to display only the records NS.The search result will list the name servers for a particular domain.
Summarize your searches.In most cases, a domain name registrar will simultaneously host name.Do not forget that the registrar is indicated only when a database query whois.But hosting can be provided and any intermediary.In the latter case the names of the servers will contain information about the host name.