you need
  • reliable and fast access to the Internet, software for creating Internet radio, a microphone connected to your computer.
Select radiohosting.These are the companies that provide the server to accommodate your recordings and broadcasts them.The most popular hosting radio located at and operates on an international scale.
Download the software to create the radio.For example, if you select a hosting, you give Studio365 - a clear, simple program that supports mp3, wav, aac files.
When creating your own Internet radio station
s also use the software SAM Broadcaster, which has more built-in functions can display information about artists and albums, has convenient customizable equalizer and keeps statistics of listeners.
If you plan to broadcast the audio from your own hosting, then apply for these purposes the program Shoutcast Server application.But note that with the popularity of your radio will increase the load on your server, so take care in advance about its reliability.
order to broadcast their programs on the air, use the service Icesast.If you choose radiohosting Live365, then this feature is enabled by default.But I respect his audience, use a good microphone and updated audio drivers, do not allow the presence of background noise during the broadcast.
Note the copyright.If you ulichat their violation, it will be closed not only to your radio, but can close the jail and you.Paying services you pay for the use of foreign labor, so the responsibility lies with the creators of the service.Well, if you transliruete other people's songs from its servers without permission, and the responsibility for them, too, you will incur.Be careful.