you need
  • - browser;
  • - account for service YouTube;
  • - Videos uploaded to YouTube.
For video that would look quite nice in the standard player YouTube, originally worth downloading high-quality video.However, some shortcomings of the original video can handle video editing services.To edit a clip loaded log into your account and select from the drop-down list under the username in the upper right corner of the option "Video Manager".
On the next page, select the video, the quality of which you are not completely satisfied.Click the arrow to the right of the "Change" button and use the option "improve the video."
In the editor window, apply the necessary correction by clicking the appropriate button.This service allows you to brighten the video, change the contrast, color
saturation.The result of the changes can be observed in the right half of the window.
The video, shot at an angle of the camera can be rotated ninety degrees in either direction.Click for this on the button with the arrow pointing in the right direction.
Editor YouTube allows videos to stabilize trembling.To take advantage of this opportunity, please click on the button "stabilization."However, as a result of this option edge of the picture will be cropped.
To improve video can use the button "I'm Feeling Lucky", allowing the editor to calculate in any changes to your video needs.To save the correction click on "Save" or "Save As."
Visually improved downloaded in high quality video can by inserting additional tag.Switch to menezhdera video and click the "Change" button to the right of the video you are interested in.
In the "Information and settings" locate the "Tags" and insert the tag is yt: quality = high.Click on the "Save" button at the bottom right corner.The video, edited in such a way will be played with the highest quality available.
To change the quality of viewing videos uploaded by other users YouTube, proceed to the settings of your account by selecting "Settings" from the dropdown menu under the user name.Click on the "Playback" tab and select the "Always choose the best quality."If necessary, set a check box, which includes high-definition video in full-screen mode.To save your new account settings, click the "Save" button.