you need
  • - mobile phone;
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
mobile subscribers of "MTS" should be registered on the official website of the company "MTS" in the "MMC portal."A link to the appropriate web page is contained in the SMS message sent to a mobile phone subscriber.Location of reference type in the address bar of the Internet browser on your computer.Username and password for registration are also listed in a text message, enter them in the form on the page.This registration will be considered success, and you can read the received MMS message.
If your mobile operator - "MegaFon", in the case of MMS on your phone is not connect
ed to this service will receive an SMS message with a password and a link to the address of the web page to pagewith your MMS message.Record sent password.Go to the site operator on the link in the SMS.The form on the page, enter the password.Thus, you get access to your MMS.
mobile operator "Beeline" to view MMS messages through the Internet requires the registration on its website.Login for login is your phone number.In the form on the website, enter your phone number and verification code from the image.Then get on the phone for a text message from the operator with a password to login to your personal page with mms.Enter the site received username and password (your phone number).The registration procedure will be completed at the same time and you will be able to read your MMS message.
Tele2 subscribers receive to your phone a text message with a PIN code to send them mms.Go to the site operator Tele2, type the appropriate line on the page, your phone number and the resulting 6-digit PIN MMS messages.Read the opened mms.