Open your browser and go to the official website of your Internet Service Provider.If the provider supports direct bill payment with a credit card, a reference to a special web page for payment services should be right on the main page of the official site.Click on it.Next page should contain two fields, one of which enter the unique number of your contract connection, and in another - the amount that you would like to contribute to the account.Then click "Pay".
Enter the required data card on the following web page.Typically, the standard form for the payment of credit card network contains a field for entering a credit card number, a drop-down list from which you must choose an expiration date of your card.In addition, the next field, enter the special CVC2 code, which is on the back
of the card.Check your entries again, and then click "Checkout".
Select the desired authentication method for confirmation of payment.This measure is used to ensure maximum safety of your card.There are two methods of authentication: via SMS, or by using one-time passwords.If your bank card is attached to a mobile phone number, then choose authentication using SMS.In this case, the phone will receive an SMS with a special code that must be entered on the following web page to confirm the payment.One-time passwords can be obtained at special terminals.Print them free of charge, and each of them can be used once for the transaction.