you need
  • - Internet service;
  • - a program to collect traffic statistics and monitoring;
  • - firewall.
use Internet service.Add the Service link to any online resource, instead you get a short link generated by the service.Send the generated link to the user whose IP you want to know.Once he enters the link, you will get its IP address to your specified e-mail.
Run NetLimiter, reflects the statistics of Internet traffic, and then send the file to the user.The main working window has a branch, displaying all connections, both incoming and outgoing, as well as statistics for each of them, - keep track of in the direction of the traffic branch.
command line, type «Start - & gt;Run - & gt;cmd »- netstat -a.Call or send a file to the use
r whose data you are interested in, and check out what new records appeared in the terminal program.
Open the monitor connections antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security and check on what is addressed to the IP address of the connection and where the person with whom you are communicating.
transmitted to the user whose IP you need to know the file and watch in the firewall (a program that monitors and filters passing through her network packets), where he had gone.If the file has been sent directly to the user - you can use the resulting IP-address.
In Windows Vista, transfer the file, then go to monitoring connections ("Control Panel» - & gt; «Administrative» - & gt; «Monitoring of performance and stability '), monitoring will be two IP-addresses:Skype server and IP opponent.