you need
  • - mobile phone;
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
If you - the subscribers of MegaFon, write password sent to you in an SMS message sent to the phone instead of MMS-messages.This report also contains the address Internet-Pages.On your computer, type this address into your browser and go to the site operator MegaFon.To access a personal page, enter your password in the resulting form.Now you can view your sent a MMS-message.
If your mobile operator - MTS, go through the simple procedure of registration on the MSK-MTS portal site. address of the Internet-Pages contained in the text messages that came to your phone.Enter the address in the address bar on your
computer.On the page, enter the username and password specified in the SMS message from the operator.So you complete the registration for MMS-portal and get access to MMS-message had been sent.
for subscribers of Beeline is required to register on the site operator.Enter in the form on the website your phone number and verification code from the image on the page.Get on your phone a text message from the operator with a password to log into your account to view all MMS-messages.Enter the site login (this is your phone number) and password.The registration procedure is completed and you have access to your MMS-messages.
Tele2 subscribers should write the 6-digit PIN-code received MMS-messages (PIN-code is contained in the SMS, sent to your phone operator).Visit the website operator Tele2.Enter into the form on the relevant page of your phone number, and the resulting PIN-code.Look at MMS.