you need
  • - Ovi Suite for Nokia 5530
To play a video directly from the Internet on your phone The Nokia 5530, you need to install Adobe Flash Player Lite.With the computer browser, go to the official site of the developer, and select the version of the operating system Symbian.Start downloading by reference Free Download.
Wait for the race.Connect your phone to the computer in Ovi Suite.Run the downloaded file by double-clicking on it and follow the instructions on the screen.Setting the player is complete.You can try to view the streaming video using a standard browser.
For better online video playback, set the browser for Symbian Skyfire.This application has support for standard Web 2.0, JavaScript and Flash 10 technology, which gives h
im an advantage over the built-in device application for viewing the Internet by default.
found on the internet version of Skyfire Symbian 9.4.Download the installation file on your phone and run it after connecting the device to the computer mode Ovi Suite.Wait for the installation.Go to the menu of the device and select the installed browser.
To play streaming video from Youtube is also a special supplement of the same name.With this program you can use the search and watch videos online, view and edit your profile and subscriptions, select playlists.Installation is carried out using mode Ovi Ovi Suite.