Usually, the list of necessary items is attached to the permit.Here it's the statement from the clinic must be put in a backpack or bag first.Review the list and adjust it taking into account the characteristics of the nature of their child.If he akkuratist and judicious enough, then it may take a few less spare shoes and clothes, than specified in the permit.If it is prone to mischief, then things can be put to zapasom.Prisheyte marks on her clothes, make her a complete list and put it in a suitcase.This will help the child out in the camp do not forget to at least half of what you gave him along.In the suitcase or bag tag and make it stronger tie to the trip she did not come off.On the tag write name and surname r
ebenka.Polozhite his suitcase a few plastic bags with handles, they can put dirty things or take to the sea to dress on ekskursii.Vse conventional medications that may be required in the camp at the local health post will be required.You can put a child to only those that are necessary to him personally because of the presence of a disease, but do not forget to warn the leaders.But just in case put a bactericidal plaster, a few pieces, iodine (in the pen), cotton swabs.Shampoo is better to give a child in disposable packaging, and soap - in mylnitse.Dorogostoyaschie and new electronic device is better not to give or agree that they could deposit counselor.Conventional sports equipment is not worth taking with them, in order not to overload the child.But tracksuit, sneakers, a swimsuit or trunks - should be obligatory.Rubber slippers be useful to him in the pool.Headwear is better to give it to a few, they tend to "get lost".For rainy and wet weather, which happens even in the south, put a raincoat or light raincoat, waterproof shoes.