Tip 1: What to do during the May holidays in Moscow

In May holidays traditionally opens the holiday season, so most residents of the capital, taking advantage of the long weekend, aims to leave the noisy and stuffy metropolis and spend holidays in nature.But if you go out of town is not possible, do not despair, and Moscow there are many places for great entertainment.
For lovers of wildlife offers its services to the OCE, in the territory of which you can have a great time in this fishing village.Even the most avid fishermen capital have a rare opportunity to get to the shore of the Pacific pond and cook soup on the fire.Here, without leaving the Moscow ring road, you can catch 15-pound fish, and experienced chefs prepare a delicious dish from her on one of the oldest retseptov.Na 10 km Dmitrov highway is a beautiful land, where everyone can exercise in falconry.Master classes conducted professionals who will teach the basics and practice will show how to deal with falcons and hawks: keep them on hand to train, feed, let polet.Otlichno in time
can be a ride on the vintage train.This vintage steam train will ride on the Moscow , or travel to nearby cities, no less famous for its cultural heritage.A trip to the retro-train will take you back to the past Rossii.Dlya joint families with children can be advised dolphinarium and zoo, offering his services as tours and interviews.Where children and adults learn about the diversity of fauna, ways of nature protection and environmental problems.With the arrival of spring season opens the passenger navigation Moscow-river.This trip will allow a break from the traffic jams in Moscow, and to contemplate the cultural center of the capital.On this trip, residents and visitors to the metropolis opens previously unknown Moskva.Dlya recreational sports lovers a great option would be riding trips.Horseback riding is possible at the equestrian bases racetracks under the guidance of instructors.For a free horseback riding horses are available to rent in any of the small private stables.

Tip 2: Where to spend the May holidays

month of May begins with the celebration of Spring and Labour, celebrated on May 1st.A few days later, on May 9 in Russia celebrated another day - Victory Day.In this connection, it turns spring break.
Family holidays in nature - a good option for the May holidays


Holidays that fall in May, you can spend together with family and friends.Visit the parental home to visit his mother and his father.This will be a great joy for them, they will be able to see their children and grandchildren.You can also show their concern for the seniors, that will be a personal example for your children.

In May holidays there is a good opportunity to devote time to domestic affairs.If you've always wanted to do something around the house, and it does not have enough time - you have a chance to fix it. Large laundry, general cleaning and minor repairs - all this can be done in just a few days off.

If you have not accumulated urgent business, arrange a holiday.Turn off the phone, you will be able to sleep well.Will distracted watching interesting movies or favorite music.Moreover, in those days, it will be able to do your hobby.


May holidays can be carried out in the nature.This contributes to the warm weather and the beginning of flowering trees and plants.All this will help recharge the spring energy and relax.

If you have a garden or summer cottage - enjoy a garden work.May - the opening of the summer season.Arrange cleaning on your site, prepare it for sowing vegetable crops.

together with friends or family people organize a trip outside the city.Barbecue in nature, fire and sincere conversations will help to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of working. If you are planning a trip with an overnight stay, do not forget to bring warm clothes.Despite the warm weather during the day, at night the temperature may be low.


few holidays will make it possible to organize a trip abroad.A little bit of time in another country will help change the situation.In addition, this holiday will be informative, if you include the local tours.Of particular interest will be the trip for the kids.They will be able to get acquainted with other cultures, and learn a lot.

If you prefer local resorts, select the location for your vacation within Russia.This will save you from the paperwork required to travel abroad.Also, the cost of services Russian resorts can be comparatively lower.

purchased at the May holidays start in a sanatorium.So you maintain your health and help the body to prepare for the summer.In addition, the spa treatment will benefit your children.
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