Tip 1: How to decorate a room for a party

for the success of the party, it is important to create the right atmosphere.Choose music, drinks, snacks and of course all the festive draw.After all, it depends on the design premises the most important first impression and the mood of the guests.Lighting, colors, even the shape of glasses - all need to be considered to create a holiday.
organizing a party, you need to consider and take care of many things.On filling, entertainment, music, drinks and so on.And not the last thing you need to think about the good and the spectacular design of the room.After all, one of the most important factors for a successful and fun party - atmosphere.And if the atmosphere created in the style of the event, and each element is matched with love and taste of your party for a long time will tell.

It is important to note that visitors will see at once on arrival.Enter the room and look around.What is the first impression of the layout of the space?Maybe there is something to rearrange or place entry.

little about lighting

bright light - not the best solution for the parties.But guests do not really look like my glass to the touch and bump into objects.The ideal would be muted unobtrusive lighting.You can use a number of small light sources, something to decorate with garlands of light bulbs.If a party to a narrow circle, it would be appropriate candles - they will create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

If the party expected a lot of guests, try not to use candles or other sources of ignition.Do not Do not place candles near curtains and other flammable objects.

It is important to highlight the strategically important objects - a bar, a table with snacks, a scene (if available), passes to the technical premises.If the room has high steps or thresholds, they also need light, so that no one stumbled.Simply send them the light of small lamps.

What celebrating

room can be arranged balloons and colored garlands, lanterns, everything.But, of course, style and design elements largely depend on what the event is dedicated.Subject Is this a party or a holiday.

to create the right mood is important to feel the theme, choose the appropriate decorations, dishes, choose the right color.

for any celebration can be arranged beautiful Candy bar with colored sweets.To do this, lay a small table a bright tablecloth, place the candy and stick them little signs with funny captions.

For example, for the celebration of Valentine's fit passionate red and bright pink shades.You can inflate helium balloons in the form of hearts, hearts cut from red paper and make them into a garland.Acces can drape translucent fabric or heavy velvet curtains.Put on the table bouquets of red roses.

If it is a birthday, you can hang the colored balls and boxes, use bright colors.You can arrange cups and glasses with bright figures and pour into small caps holiday candy.

for Hawaiian party will be useful garlands of paper flowers, tropical fruits and bright colored dishes.Glasses can be decorated with umbrellas and fruit on the table to put on a tropical straw skirts, snacks pour in coconut husks.

But the most important thing at the party - it's certainly a fun warm company of friends.Think of those for whom you arrange the holiday, and your party will be unforgettable!

Tip 2: How to decorate a party

Party - it's always great, it's laughter, positive, smile and joy.This atmosphere of celebration and a feast complete without jewelry?Call guests to prepare meals and everyone can, but to create a mood, sparkling as a glass of champagne, can one who turns an ordinary apartment in a disco bar or cottage in the jungle, full of mystery and wonder.Maybe you've worked wizard and decorate your party unusual way?
How to decorate a party
you need
  • - cards for names;
  • - colorful dishes;
  • - decorations for glasses;
  • - fruits;
  • - clothesline;
  • - tapes;
  • - tape and fabric;
  • - garlands;
  • - neon lights;
  • - network;
  • - cans of paint and balloons;
  • - wigs, noses, hats and other tinsel.
Plan, where there will be a table with refreshments.If you practice a certain seating guests, you should make a card with the names.They can do it yourself, or you can buy ready-made and easy to sign.
Utensils can be unusual and bright.On the table between the food and appliances Scatter tangerines - it looks amazing.Cocktails decorate whimsical umbrellas and canapes - glowing skewers with sequins.The store offers a large selection of wine glasses and glasses of colored glass decor.
If a party is held in the country, replacing the tables will serve as a felled tree stumps, logs, spread out blankets on the grass.Fruit can be placed in baskets, and even better apples, pears and bunches of bananas hang decorative laces on the branches of these trees.This will be a fun competition for eating "fruit" without hands.
now about decorating a room or area, if the party will take place on the street.Garlands with color lights can be pulled by low shrubs, arches, fence in the apartment - on the cornices and chandeliers, banisters.After garlands - it's not just decoration for the New Year.Armful of balloons filled with helium, can be tied to garden furniture, swing, even the legs of tables.
If you want something different, use imagination and the means at hand.For example, white linen tie the rope to the different subjects.From cardboard cut out unusual shapes: stars, hearts, fish.Spread on the surface and at a distance of 20 centimeters blow out their metallic paint from a container.You can use the car paint.Silver and gold under the spotlight looks cool.Dried figures punch punch and attach them to the ends of the ropes.
Neon lamps set in the dance area, drag the white cloth on the perimeter, you can use a large decorative ribbons and bows ribbons.Alternatively, isolate the equipment from the dancing guests can use an old fishing net, but before using it, wash, dry and also blow out with silver paint.
And finally, decorate yourself and your guests!As much as it may sound ridiculous, but if the guests are not in the house smiles, the event can be ruined one of the "grim grumblers."And that such a person did not embarrass your friends, and you, in fact, offer to hold a costume party.Masks, wigs - it's such a rarity - afford to dress up Cleopatra or Musketeer during the week, not on New Year's and Halloween.Suppose you at the entrance is a box with all the necessary equipment, if the guests do not cook at home - feel free to give them a cap and red noses with whistles.
How to decorate
Decorating territory on the street, be careful and cautious with garlands and lights, to the heating elements are not in contact with things that can ignite or those that eventuallywill serve as the impetus for a short circuit.
Helpful Hint
Do not hesitate to call for help of their friends, they will gladly help you not only with decorations for a party, but with fresh ideas on the holiday.