you need
  • akvagrim, sponge, brush, red lipstick, black or blue mascara, false eyelashes.
girls fit the image of a dead princess.To get it, set the tone for all the pale face with a little white paint and darken her cheeks and neck.Lips make a bluish shadows under the eyes, draw, eyelashes nakraste black or blue ink.You can select one eye, drawing around a thin black cobweb, it will look very stylish.Long blue nails ideally complement the image.
vampire makeup need evenly on the face, neck and hands white paint.Nakraste lips bright red lipstick forever cause dark shadows and glue false ey
elashes.Clothing desirable long-sleeved red and black colors.Welcome decorations in the form of skulls and bats.
Brunettes can turn on one night a black cat - a favorite of evil forces.For the "cat" makeup should be applied on the eyelids as eyeliner as arrows, tweak and make-up eyelashes black.On the cheeks draw mustaches and long on the tip of the nose posidat black spot.Cats are very suitable long black claws.
for the stronger sex suit the image of a demon.To do this, the person must impose a pale gray tone.Then draw the dark circles under the eyes, highlight the black eyebrows, the sides of the nose, too, need to impose darker shades to sharpen it a bit.