Collect hookah and make sure that all the parts fit together tightly.Remove the cup and very tight plug upper opening hand.Then try to draw her breath.If you do not work out, all right - hookah sealed.
Put a prepared tobacco in the cup - so that its edges to the left at least 5 mm.This will prevent the tobacco from the fire of coal.Stack not have to very tight, the leaves should be deployed, can be several times their needle puncture through the bottom hole cup to the ventilation was better.
Put under coal special mesh or plain piece of foil.The dish also cover with foil - tight.Then pierce a few small holes with an awl or a toothpick.
The flask pour cold water
- so that the tube has mines in the fluid of 3-4 cm. If the water is poured over it will be difficult to breathe, if less - filtering worsen.
Ignite charcoal lighter.If you have it natural, then all sides should become red;If special, spontaneous combustion, it should get the same color.Then put the charcoal in the middle of the mesh or foil and cover with a cap on and hookah.When tobacco sufficiently warmed up, move the coal to the edge of the cup.Now you can begin to puff at a hookah .