you need
  • - two aluminum container;
  • - or iron stove;
  • - plastic bottle;
  • - Computer cooler;
  • - stones or asbestos;
  • - resistant glue;
  • - fluid for smoke machine.
Adjust the iron on the highest temperature, but the network is not included.Put it in an aluminum container, soles upward.Then make a hole in the container for iron cord.It should be on the bottom wall.Hole seal the foil, heat-resistant sealant or glue.Importantly, if your iron has the function of auto power off, it is best to use an electric hot plate.Lock iron pebbles or asbestos that it is securely fastened and is centered on the container.
order to uniformly dripped onto the liquid evaporative surface drip fabricate.Cut the plastic bottle in half, pierce the bottom of the nee
dle, pour water into it, and check the intensity drops.To increase the intensity of the holes can be added.
Take another container made of aluminum, turn it upside down and do a few holes in the center.Attach the bottle to the container so that the holes in the bottom of the bottle, align with the holes in the container.
Now you need to attach the fan.You can use a computer cooler.Attach it to the wall of the second container, and draw a pencil.Then cut a hole slightly smaller than the stroke and stick to the device.To turn the cooler, you need to clean up both ends of the wires coming out of it and stick them with tape to the 12 volt battery.Duct tape in this case will turn on and off the fan, by peeling it from the battery.It is important that the fan draws air from the container when it is spinning in the wrong direction, just flip it to the other side.
Connect both the container so that the iron that was at the bottom and with the FAN - on top.Make sure that the holes of the upper container with the bottle are in front of the iron.Then try to incorporate irons for checking heating power.If the upper container is heated too much, the capacity of the iron can be abated.After configuring the power to fix the containers better together clips and leave a small gap for better air circulation.Try to pour into a bottle of 2 - 4 cm of special liquid fog machine, iron and run the fan.Within seconds of the fan should see the smoke.